Wednesday, June 22, 2011

OAS InterAmerican Commision on Human Rights- Report on Immigration in the US


                   1.       Asylum seekers
                   2.       Right to seek asylum
                   1.       Right to medical care
                   1.       General issues
                             a.       Expedited removal
                             b.       Arriving aliens
                   3.       Noncitizens in the U.S. interior
                             a.       Enforcement of Federal Law by Federal Immigration Officers
                                      i.        Worksite Enforcement Unit
                                      ii.       Fugitive Operations Teams
                             b.       Immigration enforcement at the state and local levels
                   4.       Bond
                   1.       The absence of a civil detention system
                   3.       Medical care of immigration detainees
                   5.       Food services
                   6.       Living conditions
                   7.       Telephone access
                   8.       Outdoor recreation
                   10.     Access to legal resources
                   11.     Discipline
                   12.     Grievance procedures
                   1.       Immigrant families
                   2.       Unaccompanied children
                   3.       ICE delays in filing notices to appear
                   6.       Due process for vulnerable groups
                             a.       Unaccompanied children
                             b.       Immigrant detainees with mental disabilities
                   1.       Federal Enforcement Programs
                   3.       Civil detention system
                   1.       Medical and mental health care

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