Friday, September 21, 2012

2012 Nehneuhcayoilhuitl 2012

McDowell Road Sunrise
The streets of the City of Phoenix are laid our according to a survey grid that was established from the baseline of terrestrial alignments of the Solar Equinox of spring and fall.

This is where Baseline Road gets its name, and why today on September 21, 2012 the sunrise and sunset will coincide with exactness upon the direct East-West and West-East axis of sunrise and sunset along each of the streets of Phoenix.  The original monument was originally built in 1851 by John R. Bartlett, Commissioner, U.S. Boundary Commission, while making a reconnaissance survey for the United States-Mexico boundary under the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. It lays at the conjunction of the Gila River and the Salt River, among the western skirt of foothills of the Sacred Mountain of the O'otham known as S'moadoag. (South Mountain).

Among the Izkalotecah, these alignments along with those of the Summer and Fall Solstices are acknowledged and celebrated in community ceremonies.  The intention is to maintain the harmony of our families, our communities, our nations, our confederations of nations, and our individual selves with the universal expression of natural cycles of the patterns of life of the natural world and all beings of Mother Earth.
Today at sunset, the Huehuecoyotl will be participating with the Cash Community Sports Organization in a celebration of the struggle of 300 years by the Mexican Peoples to achieve independence from the Spanish Colonizers at the annual Fiestas Patrias to be held at Playa Margarita Park at 3700 West Roeser Road in Phoenix beginning at 5:30.  We will be sharing our traditional Macehualiztli, Danza Azteca.  Join us!

Roeser Road Sunset

Saturday September 22, 2012

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