Wednesday, August 1, 2012

John Ackerman Resigns MVS in Protest to Censorship

MEXICO, DF, (approved). - The researcher John M. Ackerman resigned as associate MVS News, alleging censorship by the company headed by Joaquín Vargas.

The analyst reported that his last three collaborations have not been released for broadcast by MVS News and attributed the censorship to pressures from the PRI team of Enrique Peña Nieto.

In a statement, the academic questioned Mr. Vargas:

"Why is it that immediately after the conclusion of the presidential election MVS suddenly decides to suspend the contributions of someone whose specialty is precisely the right to vote and who recently published an extensive study of the criteria for revocation of elections on behalf of the Electoral Tribunal Judiciary of the Federation?

"The most unfortunate of all this is that by asking for more information, I've discovered that the suspension of the transmission of my contributions was not a unilateral decision by the company over which you preside in order to 'look good' he whom you hold to be ‘president-elect’ but an obedient response to an explicit request made ​​by people close to the Peña Nieto team."

John M. Ackerman Institute is investigator of Law of UNAM and columnist for Proceso, he collaborated with MVS since May 2011.

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