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COMPREHENSIVE Continental Citizenship and the Right of Self Determination for Indigenous Peoples

In an unprecedented move to address the violations of Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples brought about by colonization over the past 500 years, Former President Bill Clinton and World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz met with the presidents of 12 countries of recognized states in the hemisphere to discuss options for citizenship for displaced Indigenous Peoples. One possibility in the discussions is the possibility is granting continent-wide citizenship.

Sound crazy? Never happen? Already did.

In Africa.

Luo warriors - group
Luo Warriors
The Precedent 

Here we see the sham and shameful shell game that the European Americans play out in proposing pathways to citizenship to serve their neo-colonial and neoliberal economic interests across the globe.  In collusion with African American elites, and acting with global geo-political hubris the following article exposes the blatant attempt to negotiate perks and pay packages for “corporate slaves” whose masters in today’s global financial systems of capitalism have superseded the trans-national frames and are advancing rapidly trans-continentally into global corporate colonization and empire, all the while trying to “contain” the exploding development of the economic superpower of China.
Study this map and utilizing the powers of reason and self definition determine for yourself why categories of US Immigration law can NEVER admit a constituency that claims identity as Izkaloteca (decendants) of the Uto-Aztecan Nationhood of Anahuac, Abya Yala.

For these elites, just as was the case with the Royal Families of Europe who brought the age of global colonization into the world, the nation state mechanism is simply that, a mechanism to harvest political allegiances and economic resources in the pursuit of the goals of ECONOGENICS.

Read the following article from 2006, look at the players, and question
  • Why is continental citizenship such a good idea in this context, (Africa-America) yet to even THINK about attempting to COMPREHENSIVELY (taking models of implementation from around the world and from different epochs of human history, such as the concept now being implemented in BOLIVIA of the pluri-national state) WHY NOT address the same issues of State Citizenship and Indigenous Peoples Human Rights in DECOLONIZATION MODE here in this continent of Abya Yala [the Americas]: WHY to even think this far is UNTHINKABLE by all but a few activists, organizations, and communities of displaced Indigenous Peoples who are constantly and actively engaged in the grass roots movement  for justice and self determination in terms of the battle to correct the historic injustices of the USA “immigration enforcement” policies and domestic pogroms of persecution, ignited by the fuse of AZ SB1070.

The Present

Warning! You are about to go “off the reservation” conceptually. You may never address the issue of “pathway to citizenship” again without first considering the question: “Who are these so called Americans to be offering citizenship to the Nations and Pueblos of Indigenous Peoples of Abya Yala? 

And - suppose that We, as Indigenous Peoples in full exercise of our inherent right of Self Determination as Peoples, Equal to all other Peoples: We do not want it.

The philosophy and practice of global economic elites to perpetuate the domination of geo-political regimes of expropriation and exploitation of the natural resources and labor of the earth and humanity for the benefit of the few, at the expense of an unsustainable ecological relationship among human societies and with the natural world.

July 20, 2006 11:32 PM

Africans mull citizenship for slave kin 
By DULUE MBACHU, Associated Press Writer

ABUJA, Nigeria - African and black American leaders meeting this week debated an unusual proposal to spur investment and interest in the continent: securing African citizenship for American descendants of Africans taken away as slaves.

The idea came out of a summit bringing African governments and the U.S. private sector together in search of partnerships to end Africa's poverty.  Presidents from 12 African countries attended the four-day conference, along with former U.S. President Bill Clinton and

"Just as the people of different races in America have a place they call home, I believe we should have a place we call our ancestral home," said Hope Masters, daughter of the U.S. civil rights campaigner for whom the Leon Sullivan Summit is named.

Anthony Archer, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based lawyer, is heading a committee to consider how citizenship could be awarded.

"Dual citizenship will start the process of mutual and spiritual reconciliation of differences between the two continents that came as a result of slavery," he said. "If we can feel like we really belong, we'll feel more joyful about participating."

Key challenges include determining the ancestral homelands of black Americans, Masters said.  The upheaval of the slave trade left many without knowledge of their place of origin.

One possibility is granting continent-wide citizenship to slave descendants through the African Union, Archer said.  Another is to work for citizenship of blocs of countries through regional organizations.  It was unclear what rights would be granted under those scenarios.

A third proposal would have countries grant citizenship independently to those who seek it.

Masters said the proposal will be further developed before the next summit in 2008. She said African leaders support the concept, noting that Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo has urged black Americans "to see Africa as your home."

Among the Americans attending the Sullivan meeting in Abuja were executives from companies including Chevron Corp., Coca-Cola Co., General Motors Corp., and DaimlerChrysler AG.

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