Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Movimiento Macehualli: The Earth Labor of Love

Olmeca Emergence
When Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said after Selma in 1967: "We have emerged from the era of Civil Rights to the Era of Human Rights," there was a pause and, contemplation. When Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. moved out of the pause, and in conversation with Harry Belafonte later said: "I'm afraid we are integrating into a burning house." he was not only referring to the Master's Narrative of the Big House, the colonizers' settler state of America, but presciently referenced in future tense the current global Climate Chaos scenario exacerbated by global warming amplified by greenhouse gas emissions from industrialization.

On May Day 2013, we now are called to review and reject, re-engage and REDEFINE the fundamental concept of WORK itself, and its corollary of JOBS, beyond the materialistic and mechanized "FLAT WORLD" constructs of capitalism. We must reclaim the concept of WORK as a principle of LABOR, the Labor of Love such as the feminine side of our shared humanity has always exemplified: Labor as an act of Love of Earth, the struggle of Life and Community, not the putrid residue of a financial $ transaction. LABOR, as tradition of the Movimiento Macehualli: Children of the Nations and Pueblos of Mother Earth.


The Incomplete, True, Authentic and Wonderful History of May Day


Peter Linebaugh 

¡ No Somos Illegales !

¡ No Somos Criminales !
¡ Somos Trabajadores
Pueblos Originales !


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