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IV Cumbre Continental Indigena - Puno, Peru 2009 




The Battle of 5 de Mayo 2017 is a battle IN OPPOSITION to the imposition of the label "Latin American" upon our ancestral indigenous peoples of Mexico: the Indigenous Nations of Anahuac!

Comprehend this: The borders of latin-america (liguistic and political) are a divisive mechanism of the settler states to accomplish in collusion and in competition with their anglo-american brethren settler states of the north, the total and final annihilation and genocide of the Nations and Pueblos of the Indigenous Peoples of Abya Yala Cemanahuac [the Americas].

In 1862, Mexican conservatives or "Club de Notables" were allied with French emperor Napoleon III, who desired to incorporate Mediterranean states and former Spanish and Portuguese colonies in the Americas into a French-led federation (giving rise to the concept of a Latin America).  The French American bloc (Latin-America) was intended as a geopolitical counter move to push back against the Anglo-American colonial project of the Americas.  Both European American projects were intent (and still are to this day) to carve out their piece the "American Pie" by way of expropriation and exploitation of the natural resources and labor of our continent Abya Yala.

The competition among elites on both sides of the US-Mexico border continues today, even as both colonial power structures (Anglo-American and Latino-Americano) simultaneously COLLUDE under the guise of a MANUFACTURED "immigration" and "border security" crisis is to accomplish tzhe final complete extermination of all independent indigenous nations in North America.

The NAFTA and the NARCO

In 2017, the empire is the global corporatocracy of petropolis aligned with their philosophy of ECONOGENICS, who have determined that it will NOT BE ALLOWED for Indigenous Peoples of Mexico, Nican Tlacah Anahuac to be recognized outside of the bounds of the "Hispanic" or "Latino" nomenclatures within US public policy structures.

Look at the current Meledres v. Arpaio Case against theMaricopa County Sheriff in Arizona - again.

DESCOLONIZACION: La Battalla de 5 de Mayo, 2017

La Battalla de 5 de Mayo es una battalla CONTRA la imposicion de la etiqueta "Latino Americano" sobre nuestro pueblo milenario, las Naciones Indigenas del los Pueblos Originarios de Anahuac: MEXICO!
According to the traditional ancestral teachings of the Nican Tlacah, the Indigenous Peoples of the Nahuatl Nations, all of humanity shares equally in the warmth of Father Sun, and the sacred sustenance from Mother Earth.  Besides being a scientific formula written in cultural terms (TONATIERRA) this relationship serves as TEOXICALLI: a nest of consciousness and context for the full development of our collective human awareness and cognition one which allows for the emergence of understanding, respect, harmony, and peace: CENYEMILIZTLI.

Living with Wellness
Sumak Kawsay
At the horizon of a new day, a New Sun, the Izalotekah bring these traditional teachings forward upon the celebration of 5 de Mayo. More than just a historical commemoration of the Battle of Puebla, Mexico in 1862 the indigenous ceremonies related to 5 de Mayo have an ancient astronomical significance. It is during these days celebrated annually by the Indigenous Nations of Mexico, that a certain constellation of stars gains prominence over the southern horizon in Anahuac for the first time since winter: the CHACANA: the Southern Cross, also known as the constellation of the Confederation of the Condor, Tawantinsuyo. 

Three Steps
Emergence – Presence - Return
The three steps represent levels of attainment of consciousness in the three 'worlds' or tiers:
 * Hanan Pacha: the upper world of the stars, celestial beings and gods (also represented by the condor)
 * Kay Pacha: the middle world of Mother Earth and human life (also represented by the puma)
* Uqhu Pacha: the lower world of the underworld and death (also represented by the snake)

Central hole
The central hole represents the Incan capital of Cusco, the portal from one tier to the next, and the Eye of God.
Twelve points
The entire symbol additionally represents the cyclical year, with each of the twelve corners corresponding to a month.
Four arms
The four 'cross' arms represent:
    * the four directions of the compass,
    * the four 'classical elements' of earth, air, water and fire,
    * the four main stars of the Southern Cross, an important constellation for the Inca, who believed that was the centre of the Universe.
As members of the Indigenous Nations of the Continental Confederacy of the Eagle and the Condor, El 5 de Mayo is thus also a commemoration of the ancient Treaty between the North and the South which mutually binds us to this day as Nations of the Indigenous Peoples of this continent Abya Yala and the world.

On August the 12th  1521, the traditional council of the Confederation of Anahuak issued a mandate for the future generations from the center of Mexico, in Tenochtitlan.  Nearly five hundred years later, the traditional circle of families of Izalotlan continue to perpetuate this powerful call to destiny and harmony for all humanity, known as the Nahuatilamatl.

The Zacapoaxtla Battalion

and the Battle of 5 de Mayo, 1862

Originating from settlements of the Indigenous Nations of the Nahuas, Chichimecas and Toltecas, the region known as Zacapoaxtla is recognized for providing the majority of fighters at the Battle of 5 de Mayo in 1862. These some 4,000 Indigenous Peoples faced the bayonets and rifles of the 8,000 man French Army armed only with only machetes and valor.  They emerged victorious, and left the legacy of one of the most significant military victories by the Indigenous Peoples of the continent against those who would subjugate us to colonization.

The French were arrogant and Eurocentric in their thinking, and were eventually deported back to Europe.  Today we face the same battle, and must recall the same courage as in 1862.  But today our weapons are not instruments of destruction and death.  Today we are called to battle not in a military campaign, but against the doctrines of cultural supremacy, racism and fear that would deny the reality of our common humanity that we share with each and all

Today our weapons are our Principles: Respect, Dignity, Cultural Self Determination and EDUCATION, as we advance in the Battle against Ignorance, the Battle of 5 de Mayo!

!La Batalla de 5 de Mayo es todos los Dias!

Self Determination: 

It's not about what we want, it's what we WILL!

V Continental Indigenous Summit of
Indigenous Nations and Pueblos of Abya Yala 

November 10-16, 2013 Resguardo La Maria Piendamó, Cauca [Colombia] 


Embassy of Indigenous Peoples
Spain imposed a Spanish Only policy in the Vice-Royalty of New Spain, which resulted in the suppression of the continuity of development, in intellectual terms, of the indigenous cultures. The criminalization and stigmatization of a Peoples’ aboriginal form of expression as a deliberate policy results in the psychological genocide of the succeeding generations. The success of the policy is reinforced by the other levels of genocide: physical, cultural, and political - but the pogrom of psychological genocide is the most pervasive of sciences and necessarily so.

South of the Rio Bravo, the European allegiances (Hispanic, Latino, Portuguese, etc,) are a numerical minority and to retain control over the predominantly indigenous population of Mexico overt colonization is not viable. Instead, the concept is to control the Mexican allegiance by ursurping the symbolism and nationality of the ancient indigenous political confederacies of Mexico (Aguila y Nopal, Piedra y Agua, TENOCHTITLAN) thereby subverting the liberation of the Nican Tlacah, Indigenous Peoples of Mexico Profundo in an age of DECOLONIZATION.

 de origen nahua, dijo sentirse orgullosa de ser indígena, destacando en su discurso la necesidad de rescatar los valores e incluir a esta comunidad dentro de la política y agenda social. Durante su discurso habló con elocuencia lo mismo de valores, como de retomar las tradiciones nacionales, o sobre la distribución de la riqueza. La niña integró en el 2013 el Parlamento Infantil del Congreso del Estado y en mayo dio un discurso en la premiación del Concurso Nacional de Narraciones de Niñas y Niños Indígenas, organizado en el Palacio de Gobierno, donde habló sobre el respeto a las costumbres indígenas. Estudia en la Escuela Primaria Profr. Rodolfo de León Garza, en Escobedo, municipio del área metropolitana donde radica.


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