Sunday, November 8, 2015

No Somos Inmigrantes en Nuestro Propio Continente

The first time the phrase was presented in the context of Summits of Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples was in 2007 at the closing ceremonies of the III Continental Summit Abya Yala held in Iximche, Guatemala.

"No Somos Inmigrantes en Nuestro propio continente!" was a rallying call repeated at the opening ceremonies of the IV Continental Summit Abya Yala in Puno, Peru in 2009;

In 2010, in a Continental Encuentro de Pueblos Originarios y Afrodescendientes organized in Mexico City the phrase was included in the final declaration, in the section which also addressed AZ SB1070.

"El repudio a la ley SB 10 70 de Arizona EE.UU, por su carácter racista, discriminatorio, violatorio, antimigrante e inhumano.  Los Pueblos Indígenas de Abya Yala, no somos inmigrantes en nuestro propio continente."

At the V Summit held in Cauca Colombia in 2013 the phrase was once again brought forward by Tupak Huehuecoyotl during one of the plenary sessions.

The principle invoked in the phrase is now well established a norm of the continental indigenous movement in confronting the Human Rights violations perpetrated upon the Nations of Indigenous Peoples by so called "immigration" policies of the settler states of the Americas and their international borders.

Embassy of Indigenous Peoples

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