Sunday, June 7, 2015


June 3, 2015

As expected, the government made its intentions clear by stating that it wanted to ensure the elections on Sunday to go in a "peaceful way". One of the measures taken by the federal government was to cordon off the city.

In the last few days, an impressive number of military teams were deployed in the state of Guerrero, complete with military hardware including, armoured vehicles, APCs, humvees, etc Since Monday afternoon a large number of checkpoints have been setup by the Army, the Gendarmerie, the Federal Police and the Navy on the three main access routes to the city. 

As it is now public knowledge, that, we who have been fighting for and supporting the movement to bring back the #43students alive; are opposed to the federal elections being held in the state of Guerrero.

There are numerous reasons for opposing these elections many of which have been exposed on numerous occasions, all of them pointing to the fact that many of the competing for the public offices have ties with organized crime groups. We do not know if these measures are to keep us from impacting the elections i.e., to limit our mobilization, or if there are other intentions against our school.

Given the history of aggressions and threats to close it, both the parents and students, fear the worst. On Monday afternoon eight classmates were arrested and released a few hours later thanks to the organized response of parents, students, and human rights organizations. Again on Tuesday there was a violent encounter between our movement and the government forces. Such kind of millitary oppression is not only exclusive to Guerrero, harassment by the police and armed forces is also rampant in Oaxaca, Michoacan and especially against the people of Atenco.

The whole country is livid and taut with tension in the background of the recent developments. These elections can not define the direction of the country or the changes it requires.

Irrespective to the success or the failure of these impending elections our fight will continue with the same undying spirit. It is our request to the community and everyone to be attentive and pay heed to what is going to happen in these coming few days.

But most importantly prepare for what will follow after these rigged elections. The Mexican government seeks to legitimize itself under the garb of these elections, in turn legitimizing murder, injustice, poverty and corruption.

We do not support this in any form.


Omar Garcia June 3, 2015

Protesta Internacional y Accion de Solidaridad con Ayotzinapa por los Comités de Defensa del Barrio en frente del Consulado de Mexico en Phoenix, Arizona 5 de junio de 2015

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