Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Press Conference: Border Patrol agents Illegaly Detain and Interrogate DACA students

Barrio Defense Committees Press Release
Contact:          Salvador Reza (602) 446 9928

Border Patrol Detains and Questions Dreamers
Ridicules them when they showed DACA documents

Press Conference

Date:          October 8, 2014
Time:          11:30 A.M.
Location:    Sayavedra Law Firm
                      3113 N 3rd St
                      Phoenix, AZ 85012

Re:             Martin and Israel Centeno are two DACA recipients with the appropriate identification to travel and work in the United States. They also had a drivers license from California which permitted them to drive lawfully.

They were followed to a gas station in Blythe California by the Border Patrol positioned at the California - Arizona border. They were detained and transferred to a Border Patrol holding cell where they were interrogated and ridiculed until finally being released 8 hours later.

The Barrio Defense Committees and Attorney Gabriel Sayavedra will send a letter to the Justice Department to ask for an investigation of this incident and any other incidents concerning DACA recipients by Border Patrol officers.

The students will be present at the Press Conference.


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