Friday, April 17, 2015

Mothers of Ayotzinapa to Present before Global Indigenous Women's Caucus

Human Rights Commission
DATE:  April 17, 2015

Contact: Tupac Enrique Acosta (602) 466-8367


UN Church Center Building
777 United Nations Plaza
1:00 PM


New York City, NY - Today a delegation in representation of Indigenous Mothers of the 43 disappeared students of the Raul Isidro Burgos Normal school of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero in Mexico will present before the Global Indigenous Women's Caucus in New York with the intention of gathering solidarity and support for their cause from the Indigenous Women from throughout the continent and the entire world.

Missing since September 26, 2014 the 43 students are victims of the blatant impunity of state sanctioned violence and criminal collusion that has produced 30,000 disappeared and missing victims across Mexico currently, and 100,000 deaths since the US funded and directed War on Drugs, now known officially as Plan Merida-Mexico.
"OK deal! You keep putting the weapons, we'll keep putting the dead!"      "Done deal!"
The Global Indigenous Women's Caucus is a geo-political entity of official status in international affairs, one that represents the concerns, voices and presence of Indigenous Women from the entire world in the international arena in engagement but not subscription to the UN system.  It is an autonomous presence of Self Determination by the Indigenous Women that works on behalf of the well being of Mother Earth and the Future Generations as mandate.  The Global Indigenous Women’s' Caucus is meeting in New York at the United Nations Church Center, directly across the street from the UN in preparation for the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 2015.

At the request of TONATIERRA and the Human Rights Commission of the Comités de Defensa del Barrio the Global Indigenous Women's Caucus has allocated time on their agenda under discussions of Human Rights today at 1:00 PM for the Mothers of Ayotzinapa to bring their case forward.
An Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Interdisciplinary Group of technical experts now working collaboratively in Mexico towards the locating of the disappeared students, calling for punishment for the responsible parties, and assistance for their families.

TONATIERRA has submitted a Petition for Review before the Interdisciplinary Group that calls for international investigation of the Complicity and Collusion by the US government's policies, training and funding of the operatives of the narco-state in Mexico to be brought to light comprehensively, and the cause of justice be served.
In the Petition for Review, TONATIERRA has called for the evidence to be brought forward to DISMANTLE the Doctrine of Discovery of October 12, 1492 by which continues to serve till today to shroud the normalization of colonization, genocide, state sanctioned violence and criminal collusion by the colonizing states of the Americas against the Original Nations of the Great Turtle Island of Abya Yala, in particular the NAFTA consortia of Canada-USA-Mexico. The Doctrine of Discovery is the 522 year old source of the regime of impunity in Mexico, and across the hemisphere.

The extension of the regime of Continental Domination via trade agreements among the colonizing elites begun in 1492 was extended and modified by the US in 1823 under the Monroe Doctrine.  With the support and protection of the US under the Monroe Doctrine, the geo-political schema of dominion established under the concept of the Divine Right of Kings with theological justification under the Papal Bulls of Inter Caetera (1493) shifted into the commercial phase known today as "neo-liberalism" with military support and control directly from Washington under the School of the Americas.

In collusion with the Latin-American elites, who derive their identity from the attempt by the French in 1856 to formulate the concept of Latin America as a continental constituency in order to expropriate a share of the imperialistic project known as "America", and given legitimacy under the regional organization of the Organization of American States (Divine Right of States) the term Latino, Latino-Americano, Latin American has been rejected by the Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples as a subversion of the Right of Self Determination, now established since adoption on September 13, 2007 with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that "Indigenous Peoples, are Equal to al other Peoples...."

As a call to have this principle of equality recognized, respected, and protected as an integral responsibility of Spiritual Expression and Tradition amongst all human societies, a Continental Commission of Original Nations of Abya Yala is to deliver a Communiqué of Conscience and Clarification to Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church, Head of the Vatican State in Rome, Italy when he arrives in Philadelphia on September 26, 2015 - the one year anniversary of the disappearance of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero - Mexico.

The term Ayotzinapa originates from Nahuatl, the Indigenous Mexican language of Anahuac. It signifies: Of the valley of the little turtles.

Global Indigenous Women's Caucus

¡ Vivos los Llevaron, Vivos los Queremos !

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