Sunday, July 10, 2011

Community Commerce Compact

Arizona Human Rights Zones

Community Commerce Compact




To Guide the Realization of a Just and Sustainable Economy for Arizona.

“We can all protest against injustice individually, but we can only do justice as community.”

To integrate the most affected communities affected by the policies of Apartheid Arizona into the forefront of a realistic and effective response to the human rights crisis by establishing Human Rights Zones accountable to the Principles of the Community Commerce Compact.

The Community Commerce Compact is an instrument of a long range Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy that purposefully intends to drive the future of Arizona into a Just and Sustainable Economy.

The articulation of the terms of the Community Commerce Compact shall formulated under the auspices of the Comites de Defensa del Barrio in consultation with other Human Rights Organizations of Arizona and the Nations and Pueblos of Indigenous Nations of the territory.

Accountability to the Principles of the Community Commerce Compact and the realization of Human Rights Zones will be organized systematically along with the development of the Comites de Defensa del Barrio from family to family, barrio to barrio, neighborhood to neighborhood, town to town and so on into the regional, national, international, and global economy.

The underlying values of Respect for the Rights of Mother Earth, as fundamental to any sustainable economic development plan, is the point of departure and continuous evaluation for the Community Commerce Compact.

The Principles of Tocualnemiliztli, Living with Wellness, shall be integrated into the Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.

A Bi-Annual TIANKIZCO, regional gathering of the confirmed and committed members of the Chamber of the Community Commerce Compact, Arizona Human Rights Zones and the CDB’s will convene to assess, evaluate, adjust and plan in response to conditions and opportunities in furtherance of the realization of a Just and Sustainable Economy for Arizona.
Embassy of Indigenous Peoples

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