Thursday, July 7, 2011

Enrique Morones, Border Angels: "Arizona is the New Mississippi"

Comités de Defensa del Barrio
Press Statement
For Immediate Release
Thursday July 7, 2011
Contacts: Anayanse Garza: (602) 575-9712 Raul Cordero (602) 488 9731
Tupac Enrique Acosta (602) 466-8367


Reaffirming the collective grassroots community commitment from the constituencies most affected by the pogrom of persecution that is epitomized by AZ SB170, and subsequent assaults upon the dignity, Human Rights, and Rights of Privacy being implemented nationally by NGI biometric identification systems being instituted under the guise of “illegal immigration” legislation, Los Comités de Defensa del Barrio in Phoenix, have called again for recognition and support for the HUELGA del PUEBLO which will manifest a public protest and Boycott Picket at the MLBA All-Stars game in Phoenix on July 12.

Addressing the context of the moral crisis which frames the controversial decision by the MLBA to continue to bring the 2011 All-Stars game to Phoenix, in spite of the long standing Boycott Arizona position of a number of MLBA players and former players, Enrique Morones form the Human Rights organization Border Angels stated today:

 “Arizona has become the new Mississippi and if Bud Selig were baseball commissioner in the mid 1940’s, we would never of heard of Jackie Robinson.”

Speaking from San Diego, California, Mr. Morones who is a former Vice President of Latino and International Marketing for the San Diego Padres (1995-2001) and presently directs the Border Angels Human Rights organization went on to say:

“SB1070 is only the tip of the iceberg in Arizona, you also have the founding of the Minute Klan, Neo Nazis on the border, Outlaw Joe Arpaio, Murder of 9 year old Brisenia Flores by FAIR member Shawna Forde, the abolishing of Ethnic Studies, 52% of the daily migrant border deaths along the border and what does MLB commissioner Bud Selig do?   Let’s celebrate our “National Pastime” in Phoenix.  It’s unacceptable.”

“More than a third of the players in Major League Baseball are Latino including mega stars Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Mariana Rivera and the leading hitter in Baseball Boston’s Adrian Gonzalez.  Last year when speaking to Adrian and his family they told me: ‘Enrique we are big fans of your work with Border Angels, being from the border ourselves (Tijuana/San Diego) we are very familiar with the issues and support the boycott of next year’s All Star game, I assure you, my son Adrian will not play in Arizona if he is selected to play’. This statement came from Adrian Gonzalez’s father David.

The coordinator of the BORDER ANGELS confirmed that a delegation of the organization will be in attendance at the HUELGA DEL PUEBLO Protest and Boycott Picket at the July 12 All-Stars game, and recalled that last year:

“Adrian also publically spoke out against SB1070 and now he suddenly has changed his tune. No se vale !”

Informing on the National Public Radio interview which Mr. Morones gave yesterday, he closed by saying:

“Adrian our people are being profiled, persecuted and murdered. We need you to stand on the side of justice. Your sudden silence is heard loud and clear.  Stand up for Human Rights and let your voice be heard, no to SB1070 and the attacks on immigrants across this land. You not only carry a big bat, you have a big voice and platform, use it.  NI UNA MUERTE MAS, REFORMA YA!”

Los Comités de Defensa del Barrio

“Justice is always compelling, but not always popular.”


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