Wednesday, July 13, 2011

La Mancha de Arizona: Pogrom of Persecution - Community Impact of AZ SB1070 (2010-2011)

July 12, 2011

The Comités de Defensa del Barrio today announce that the official report on the Community Impact of AZ SB 1070 (2010-2011), intended to bring forward for public scrutiny the immoral collusion driven by the private prison industry, and their lobbying arm the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in cahoots with AZ Senate President Russell Pearce (author of AZ SB1070) and law enforcement personalities across the state will be delivered by a CDB delegation to the Major League Ballplayers Owners Association at their next official meeting.

The report will also be delivered to the Major League Ballplayers Association.

The report which will be presented in conjunction and with the support of national and international Human Rights organizations, community organizations and advocates of Human Rights including past Nobel Peace Prize Prize Awardees, is to be submitted as a denunciation of the complicity by the MLB nationally with the normalization of the discriminatory policing legitimized by AZ SB1070 and in particular Ken Kendricks, owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks for his role in contributing financially to the fomentors of the AZ SB1070 legislation.

The private prison industry captures some $5 Billion dollars per year in tax payer profits, as agents of an immoral and corrupt system of corruption and collusion similar to the days of Tammany Hall. 

Coinciding with the MLBA All-Stars Game in Arizona, the announcement of the report today by the Comités de Defensa del Barrio also assembled 150 protestors in formation of the Boycott Picket to Strike Out AZ SB1070.

Last year many baseball stars denounced Arizona’s racist law SB1070 and declared that they would boycott the All Star Game if SB1070 was not repealed, including star player Adrian Gonzalez.  A year later, in spite of a partial injunction that came as a result of the federal lawsuit against SB1070, community members testify to the fact that the criminalization of the community is in fact in full effect and worsening.  

“What kind of land that calls itself free, can deny the Spirit of Humanity?” said Tupac Enrique Acosta echoing the theme of the report: La Mancha de Arizona: Pogrom of Persecution - Community Impact of AZ SB1070 (2010-2011) by the Boycott Commission of the Comités de Defensa del Barrio.

The term "mancha' refers to an indelible stain on the character of an individual, organization, or society such as the "stain on the soul" of the German People inflicted by the officialization of state sanctioned racism, doctrines of racial supremacy and manifest destiny, enforced by SS police practices (Secure Communities Program) under the rule of the Adolph Hitler's Nazi Party.


  1. Thanks for connecting our histories. The U.S. government and corporations respond with innovations in hate every time we make advances to eliminate the stain of genocide against Indigenous peoples and racial slavery. We'll win every time; our communities resist & insist on deep justice, for our peoples & the land.

  2. "A pogrom (Russian: погром) is a form of violent riot, a mob attack directed against a particular group, whether ethnic, religious, or other, and characterized by killings and destruction of their homes and properties, businesses, and religious centres. The term usually carries connotation of spontaneous hatred within the majority population against certain (usually ethnic) minorities, which they see as dangerous and harming the interests of the majority."
    Historically (and regretfully presently)the term refers to systematic, organized capture, of person and property of victims at the hands of mob minded factions of professional citizenry, law enforcement officers, military, and across the social strata.

  3. Thanks Tupac for fighting the good fight! If you read past the first several paragraphs on Gerald Lewis, possible candidate for LD 18 in Mesa, you'll find a plea for tax deductible donations to ALEC to underwrite 30 Arizona legislators to go the annual conference in New Orleans the beginning of August. ALEC is the "educational" group providing the "training" for legislators to disseminate proposals such as the recent Arizona slew bills such as SB 1160: Mesa resident may take on Pearce in Nov.