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Strike Out the MLBPA Allstars Game - Boycott Action Tuesday July 12 Phoenix

Comités de Defensa del Barrio

Comisión del Boicot
Press Conference
Thursday June 29, 2011
 ! Protest and Boycott ! 
MLB National Baseball Players Allstar Game
Phoenix, AZ
Tuesday July 12, 2011



Press Conference 
June 29, 2011

La HUELGA del PUEBLO Strikes Out MLBP Allstars Game

Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2011
CONTACT: Raul Cordero (602) 488-9731 or Anayanse Garza (602) 487-0186

Phoenix, AZ - The Committees in Defense of the Barrios and Huelga del Pueblo supporters will have a press conference today, June 29, 2011 at 802 N. 7th St at 4:30PM.  The press conference will be a national and international call to action to Strike Out the Arizona All-Star Game by Boycott Action and Protest on July 12th at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ.  
Last year many baseball stars denounced Arizona’s racist law SB1070 and declared that they would boycott the All Star Game if SB1070 was not repealed.  
A year later, in spite of a partial injunction that came as a result of the federal lawsuit against SB1070, community members testify to the fact that the criminalization of the community is in fact in full effect and worsening.  
Many well known people were involved in efforts to support SB1070, such as politicians, corporate leaders, and artists through their financial and political support for the promotion of the hatred against our people.  

Supporters of the Boycott say that since SB1070 was signed last year, Arizona has undergone the most blatant and abusive patterns of discriminatory policing involving state sanctioned racial profiling, under the guise of "immigration enforcement."

Denouncing the criminalization of our community which is the net effect of AZ SB1070, Huelga del Pueblo activist and Boycott Commission member Tupac Enrique Acosta said:

"These are not immigration laws, these are policies of incarceration and schemes of profiteering by the private prison industry in collusion with state officials and the Maricopa County Sheriff J. Arpaio.  This is a pogrom of persecution which must be stopped.  It is an international and national disgrace."

“We think that our contribution as a community is great and considerable.  It can be reflected in the number of players with ties to the migrant community.  And we are indignant of Kirk Kendrick’s treatment to our community.  He finances the racism and criminalization of families by financially backing the racist people who created and defend SB1070,” says Raul Cordero, spokesperson for the Huelga del Pueblo (Boycott against Arizona).

On Julio 12, 2011 the people will continue to Strike Out Hate and invite baseball players who promised to stand with the community against hate to renew their commitment against SB1070 by joining the Boycott of the All Star Game.

The stance of the Boycott is that politics and sports should not mix. The fact is that Kirk Kendrick uses the money that comes from ticket sales of Diamondback games and merchandise to promote hatred against migrant families.
The Diamondbacks are not neutral in the promotion of racism and hatred against migrant families and people who say they are against hatred and racism cannot pretend to be neutral either.  In 2010, the Arizona Diamondbacks, through Ken Kendrick, were the 3rd highest Contributor to the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s.  He gave $121,600. Furthermore, they also contributed $129,500, which ranked as the 18th highest contribution, to the Republican Party Committee. They gave the 20th highest contribution to Sen.McCain.  
“We preparing to sustain the Boycott as long as it takes to end the hatred and criminalization of migrant families.  People nationally and internationally have already confirmed their support of the Boycott and protest on July 12, 2011.  We encourage everyone to take a stand to Strike Out SB1070,” says Cordero.

Dump the Prison Stock Industry!
National Day of Action and Solidarity!
July 1, 2011

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